MC: Wissam Charafeddine, MS Engineering, Educator, Entrepreneur, Activist - Cofounder & BOD Member of Muslimish, IRSHAD, and AACCA. Founder of W Institute

10:00AM Dearborn and Lebanon neighborhoods: The language of people

by Abbas Al Haj Ahmad, MS Physics, Educator, Activist, Writer

10:30AM Challenges of teaching Arabic: The role of immigration and religion

by Dr. Hassan Bazzi, PhD Arabic, Professor, Researcher/Author, Community Organizer

11:00AM Religious thought and practices of Muslim immigrants to Dearborn

by Mr. Aoun Jaber, MS Near Eastern Studies, MS Bilingual Studies, Professor, Entrepreneur, Community Organizer

11:30AM Problematics of Lebanese in Dearborn: The virtue of Recognition & The Vice of Breakdown

by Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami, PhD Arabic, Author, Diplomat, Cofounder and President of

the Arab American Center for Culture and Arts, Community Organizer

12:00AM Muslims and Vision of Modernity

by Mr. Mustapha Alomari, Author of The Problem of Religion in Social Customization

12:30AM Panel Discussion

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