MC: Dr. Adnan Jaber, PhD Psychology, Public Relations Officer of Muslimish

2:00PM "All-American Muslim" And The Politics Of The Muslim Identity

by Fatima Ayoub-Salemassi, EdD Student, Educator, Muslimish City Organizer,

2:30PM Interacting With The Community: Expectation Of The Secular

by Dr. Youssef Abbas, PhD Engineering

3:00PM True to self and identity

by Siham Jaafar, Founder of Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference

3:30PM Using pedagogy to edify, rectify, transform, reform, predict, and serve

by Imam Dr. Salie Achmat, Imam, PhD Business Leadership, Director of Islamic Studies

4:00PM Learning in Community: Towards a Humanist Pedagogy

by Dr. Ginan Rauf, PhD Comparative Literature, Muslimish VP & Board of Directors

4:30PM Panel Discussion

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